iFensi is opening a new door for fan economy: ‘fan banks’

iFensi’s CEO shared with AllChinaTech the new financial service it has just launched.

Fans bring China’s fandom power up another notch

Chasing idols in China is ‘fanning’ a booming economy, and this is how crazy it can be.

Photos: How big are mobile payments in China?

QR codes are everywhere in this food market in Beijing.

The top 5 music streaming services in China

Apple Music has failed in China, and here are the rivals it has been competing against.


Flower Plus – the app inspiring 4 million Chinese girls to share their lives (photos)

A visual diary of how a flower app can brighten girls’ life.

Umbrella rentals are the latest sharing economy fad to hit China

Several umbrella rental startups have secured angel financing which is highly debatable and controversial.

Top 5 investments by Zhu Xiaohu and Wang Gang, the investors behind Didi and ofo

Zhu, one-half of the power duo, is called a unicorn hunter for his outstanding investment moves in the hottest startups.

Zeebike wants to make e-scooter rentals more mainstream in China

Will the success of the bike-sharing trend be the same for e-scooters?


Tencent invites the public to test its new “AI Cloud”

Tencent's new AI strategy is beneficial for all: opening up its core AI techniques to provide better services.

China’s straddling bus fails as testing rails are removed

The futuristic road-straddling bus has been criticized for its practicality and the company’s financial fraud.

Join us as a Part-time copy editor!

Part-time foreign copy editor wanted.

iQiyi is developing AI technology to add to its video streaming service

China’s most popular Netflix-like streaming service is aiming to be the “AI pioneer” in the industry.

Tech Financing

“Speaking picture” social network platform VoxWeb attracts seed investment, & more

VoxWeb’s “speaking” pictures have attracted users from 97 countries.

Youxi attracts Series A for its laundry machine sharing business expansion, & more

Youxi provides laundry services through the placement of washing machines in cities for rental.

TF in India this week – Fintech startups like Kissht offer easy online and offline payment options

Bringing you the latest financing highlights in the tech sector.

High performance computing language provider Julia Computing attracts millions for seed round, & more

Julia is the fastest open source computing language for data science and machine learning.


5 smart home appliances in China that can complicate your life

Hopefully, tech companies will be able to perfect smart gadget interaction as the industry matures.

Big data and wearable devices are changing the healthcare industry

Wearables like the YONO in-ear ovulation tracker bring meaningful insights to healthcare research.

Can the Mi 6 phone woo the global market with its dazzling blue glass shell and dual cameras?

The Mi 6 phone is armed with some trendy features including a dual camera and curved screens.

Why are Chinese consumers spending more on smart gadgets?

Chinese consumers’ demand for smart appliances continues to grow despite a slow economy.


Campaign results: 20 must-know startups in video

Highlights from AllChinaTech’s video storytelling project and online campaign

20 must-know startups in China: Tujia (Video)

Although not the first of its kind in the world or even in China, Tujia managed to become China’s largest home rental platform.

20 must-know startups in China: Muniao (Video)

Muniao now has 600,000 homes and serviced apartments at 396 Chinese cities on its platform.

20 must-know startups in China: Amy Robotics (Video)

Amy mainly targets businesses, including hospitals and shopping malls, as well as high-end consumers globally.

Tech Junction

Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

Read our reviews on tech events in Beijing. We rate the events, and you decide whether you want to go or not.

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Photos: How big are mobile payments in China?

QR codes are everywhere in this food market in Beijing.