Big data and wearable devices are changing the healthcare industry

Wearables like the YONO in-ear ovulation tracker bring meaningful insights to healthcare research.

5 smart home appliances in China that can complicate your life

Hopefully, tech companies will be able to perfect smart gadget interaction as the industry matures.

Can the Mi 6 phone woo the global market with its dazzling blue glass shell and dual cameras?

The Mi 6 phone is armed with some trendy features including a dual camera and curved screens.

Why are Chinese consumers spending more on smart gadgets?

Chinese consumers’ demand for smart appliances continues to grow despite a slow economy.

It’s on! Mobike to take on ofo with USD 100 M funding led by Sequoia

Mobike has stood up to ofo as an equal in terms of capital support.

Cheetah Global Lab report: Top Chinese players in the Indian mobile internet market

China’s tech giants, including Tencent and Alibaba, have invested heavily in India.

Chinese e-scooter Niu N1s hits the road in Europe

The EUR 2,699 Niu N1s is targeted at the high-end market of Europe.

Apple fans in China go nuts! The price of a jetblack iPhone 7 skyrockets to USD 3000

The so-called 2B colors - Black and Jetblack - were most attractive to the Chinese Apple fans.

Video: nearly 600 million WeChat users can now share their “Moments” with this digital picture frame

AllChinaTech reviews the WeChat Moment Digital Picture Frame, a device compatible with China's largest social network WeChat.

Robots dazzle onlookers at the 2016 World Economic Forum in Tianjin

Amazing robots at the Summer Davos are grabbing participants' attention.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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