Xiaomi to bid farewell to “hunger marketing” with mass production of Mi5

Xiaomi plans to achieve mass production of the Mi5 in two months and sell it on a large scale as part of its efforts to become “China’s Amazon”.

Will the Chinese EV startup Xiaopeng Motors make Tesla tremble?

Xiaopeng’s EVs will be more than a means of transportation, but an intelligent product.

Samsung is rumored to lay off 20% staff in China after the Note 7 explosions

Samsung’s staff in China are getting uneasy, waiting for confirmation of a rumored 20% staff layoff.

Huawei sold 60M smartphones in the first half of 2016, expecting 140M by year’s end

Huawei saw a 25% increase in smartphone sales against the expected single-digit industry growth in 2016.

Foxconn cuts Chinese laborers, replacing them with 40,000 robots

Foxconn, the world’s biggest manufacturer of iPhones, is building robots to replace humans.

The iPhone SE in China: will it inspire a wave of small-screen smartphones?

With the first batch of iPhone SEs selling out right after they were put on sale in China, Chinese consumers may still need a small-screen smartphone.

Chinese merchant scam sees iPhone 5 sold as iPhone SE

As major smartphone makers launch new products in China for 2016, Apple is joining this round with the iPhone SE that officially goes on sale in China on March 31.

China to promote a personalized “eID” for online info security

The eID can execute remote identity recognition without leaking users’ identity.

Interview: Deepoon VR’s secret to beating Oculus by two years in mass production

Deepoon VR aims to make top-notch VR products accessible to average users.

Xiaomi CEO teases advanced tech, but will the Mi 5 be a game changer in 2016 ?

After a turbulent 2015, will the release of Xiaomi’s latest flagship model boost smartphone business while Xiaomi branches out towards smart home devices and VR?

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