Google’s AlphaGo beats Go world champion Ke Jie with 3-0 victory in China (updated)

China's Ke Jie tested its AI competitor’s limits. And he's lost two games so far.

How is China reacting to AlphaGo’s battle with Ke Jie?

Surprise! The Go world champion lost two games in the three-part match.

Xiaomi’s new Mi Max 2 is bigger than an iPhone 7 Plus

Xiaomi’s flagship Mi 6 and Mix models are for hardcore fans while its Mi Max 2 with large screens are for general users.

Photos: Jia Yueting’s glorious and dim days at LeEco

Jia Yueting steps down as LeEco’s CEO but remains as chairman.

Xiaomi sets price for its thinnest ever Mi TV 4 at USD 508

Fitted with Samsung and LG 4K panels, Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 costs only one-fifth of a Sony equivalent.

Can Huawei still lead the industry with its lingering supply chain issue?

Huawei is trying to figure out how to improve its supply chain, possibly by making its own smartphone components.

How WannaCry froze 100,000 computers in China’s colleges and institutions

Universities and reseach institutions are hit the hardest by WannaCry in China.

Why China’s No. 2 e-commerce site JD sees smart refrigerators as a key to IoTs boom hopes to sell more fresh fruits and vegetables via its refrigerator.

Tencent-backed power bank rental startup Xiaodian raises USD 51 M Series B in 2 months

The power bank rental trend is taking on in China’s tech startup sector.

Baidu furthers AI application in smart homes and jointly launches a childcare robot

Smart homes is one of the major areas where Baidu will see commercialisation of its Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

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