Meet China’s No.1 personalized news aggregator “Today’s Headlines”

Jinri Toutiao takes the lead in using cutting-edge technology to supply personalized content recommendations to as many as 350 million users.

A few tips to win the startup marathon

One of the major considerations you should have is to avoid spending a lot of time on planning; the moment you finalise the idea you should go ahead with it

Eight investors inject USD 120 M into this EV startup

EV startup Beijing Chehejia Information Technology Company aims to use RMB 2.5 billion to implement its plan in China's EV industry.

Live video education site gets funded by 2 US-listed companies

Chinese live video education website EEO has received strategic investment from two US-listed education companies.

Truck transportation app hauls in USD 4.5 M in Series Pre-A financing

Baba Super aims to connect independent truck drivers and their clients.

Bike Hunters – a new profession inspired by bikesharing

The adventures of 27-year-old Bike Hunter Wang Shuo.

Uber registers in Shanghai Free Trade Zone with a primary approach to legitimacy

As the ride-hailing climate in China looks to become more closely regulated, Uber China registers its operations in the Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

Uber China sets up special unit in the fight against fake rides

Uber China's head honcho, announces Uber China will employ a crack team of Silicon Valley engineers to tackle ride scamming and general fraud.

This internet radio company looks to enter the Internet of Vehicles with newly landed USD 26 million financing

Koala FM provides audio services on smartphones, computers and vehicles, and claims to have 160 million users.

Tujia, Airbnb’s major rival in China, grabs China’s travel giants’ home-rental businesses

Tujia aims to build an ecosystem of house sharing in China.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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