Meet Tripoto, the travel platform behind the scenes of India’s travel boom

The app has accumulated the most travel content for outbound destinations in India.

Meet PickMyLaundry, the technology-based app that washes your clothes

PickMyLaundry the app promises to delivers washed clothes within 48 hours.

Ofo joins hands with Ant Financial to test deposit waivers in Shanghai

A deal between Ant Financial and ofo will mean deposit waivers for those with a high enough Sesame Credit score.

Shanghai first! Will the stricter bike-sharing rules spread to other parts of China?

Shanghai authorities are to demand GPS embedded in bikes, mandating quality to last for three years of use and more.

Ofo pairs with 700Bike to unveil the designed bike ofo Curve for sharing

The company is confronting some of its previous problems with a newly designed bike.

Can Singapore handle the heat from Chinese bike-sharing startups?

Mobike and ofo square off in their first overseas competition.

Why do investors pour cash into China’s bike sharing businesses?

An insider in the startup world shares his know-how of China's bike sharing business

Women entrepreneurs hold up half of the sky in China

Women feel empowered by tech, but still struggle to keep a work-life balance

The top 10 education startups in China

The online education market is set to become the third biggest online industry in China. Who will be its leaders?

WildChina’s Mei Zhang: using the internet for more authentic tourism in China

Tourism has wrought huge changes in China. Now, the internet is changing everything.

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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