/Tech Junction: Global Thought Leader Forum Review

Tech Junction: Global Thought Leader Forum Review

Going to an event is an investment but also time-consuming. You want to make sure it is worth your time. Which is why, Tech Junction is here to help. We’re launching a new column where our writers share their insights on the events they attend to give you a glimpse of the event. We rate the events; you decide whether you want to go or not next time it happens.

Our first event covered in this new column is Global Mobile Internet Conference (GMIC) in Beijing 2017. GMIC is a global tech conference network, and its Beijing chapter is the largest in scale. Its locations include San Francisco, Hong Kong and Bangalore among others. This year, the conference welcomed 40,000 innovators from 60 countries. The theme was artificial intelligence.

Where: China National Convention Center (Beijing)
When: April 27 to May 1

Photo from GMIC
Photo from GMIC

Global Thought Leader Forum

This forum was one of a few sessions that GMIC held. It aimed to bring new ideas and thoughts on AI, space exploration, robotics, biotech and other hot trends from top entrepreneurs, scientists and investors.

Venue: ★★★★
The forum took place at a huge plenary hall at China National Convention Center that could accommodate thousands of participants. Live-streaming service was provided online and broadcasted through two large LED displays on the sides of the stage.

Speaker: ★★★★
The forum invited many influential thought leaders in the AI world, including Stephen Hawking (physicist at University of Cambridge) who delivered his speech through a pre-recorded video interview. Other speakers include Kai-Fu Lee (chairman & CEO of Sinovation Ventures), Ya-Qin Zhang (President of Baidu), etc.

Audience interaction: 
As this was a forum gathering of thousands of participants, it involved little audience engagement and interaction.

Overall: ★★★★
At an event like this, it is the cohort of speakers that matter. AllChinaTech reported live from the forum on the speeches given by Stephen Hawking, Kai-Fu Lee and Ya-Qin Zhang.

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