TF in China this week – Bike-sharing startups raise funds at an unprecedented speed

Bringing you the latest financing highlights in the tech sector.

Used car trading platform DaSouChe receives a whopping USD 180 M for Series D, & more

In collaboration with Ant Financial, users can now rent a power bank with Laidian without a deposit.

Photo editing apps locked in a fierce competition in China with Butter Camera securing USD 3 M, & more

Butter Camera enables users to add captions to photos before it is shared on social media to better express their emotions.’s AI products made for solving critical analytics problems attract pre-Series A, & more

The startup hopes to use the new investment to upgrade its technology and algorithm platforms.

GSR Ventures leads million-dollar angel round for public power bank rental startup Xiaodian, & more

Xiaodian is deploying rental power banks in various public places to enable users to charge their smartphones easily when they are outside home without chargers.

Make smarter investments based on big data with Dingfudata securing USD 11 M, & more

Dingfudata helps customers make smart investment decisions based on big data and artificial intelligence technology.

Used car trading grows fast in China with Guazi and Chezhibao securing financing, & more facilitates online used car trading between individual car sellers and buyers.

AI-fintech platform Yongqianbao attracts more than 10 million users and a USD 68 M Series C financing, & more

Fintech startup Yongqianbao uses AI to make its financing services more efficient.

appMagics secures Series A+ for integrating VR with smart gadgets, & more

appMagics integrates VR with smart gadgets based on its open source VR technology system.

NetEase Cloud Music secures USD 108 M joining the “Unicorn Club”, & more

NetEase Cloud Music helps users discover more interesting songs based on their search preferences via its big data technology.

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