Big data and AI to lead the way for food delivery in China, CEO says

The CEO of China's largest food delivery platform talks about tech innovation.

How China’s new tariff rules will impact e-commerce business

China has implemented a new tax policy starting April 8th, which may bring a drastic change to the e-commerce market in the coming months.

Bike-sharing app comparison: Mobike vs. ofo vs. Bluegogo

Who are the winners and losers in China’s bike-sharing app showdown?

What led tech giant LeEco into troubled waters

Leshi, the listed company and branch of LeEco evaporated USD 1.5 billion in over a month.

China’s ecommerce market to grow to USD 6.6 trillion by 2020

Ecommerce continues to boom in China, contributing to the rapid development of the delivery services industry.

Chinese tech bosses discuss web celebs at GMIC

How did the three big tech bosses define Wanghong and what’s the difference between web celebrities now, as compared with those from several years ago?

Can Chinese bike sharing startups beat down the fraudsters and vandals?

Bikes for sharing in China are suffering needless damage. Will there be a way out?

IDC Report: Smartphone shipments in China surpassed 117 million in Q4 2015 (updated)

Xiaomi, Huawei and Apple lead the Chinese smartphone market in 2015.

Top 4 hottest topics on Chinese social media this week

Our highlights of the week: the red carpet at the Golden Horse Awards, snowy Forbidden City and e-commerce regrets.

Healthier smog? A scientific report says air pollution in Beijing is less toxic

Heavy metals have decreased in Beijing’s smog. Does this mean the air is “healthy”?

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Tech Junction: New Space 99 degree AI class review

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